Autel MaxiTPMS Pad

(DIY Replacement Tyre Sensor Programming) – Car & Moto Bike

The MaxiTPMS programming accessory device (PAD) is the perfect tool for a low-cost DIY sensor programming replacement solution or for an auto service provider wanting to explore TPMS services to expand revenue generation.

Program Autel MX-SENSORS in 3 easy steps:

1. Install the MaxiTPMS Pad software on your PC
2. Connect the MaxiTPMS Pad to your PC
3. Program Autel MX-Sensors

Simply place the Autel MX-Sensor on the top of the MaxiTPMS Pad for efficient MX-Sensor programming.


Autel MaxiTPMS PAD Features

  • Easy-to-use PC software
  • Self-contained PC operation
  • Make/model/year selection allows for correct sensor replacement
  • Direct reading from the sensor for quick programming
  • No need for vehicle relearns
  • Ideal for mechanically broken sensors
  • Can automatically create ID numbers compatible with the vehicle
  • Runs from PC USB power, no batteries required

Additional Resources

TPMS – Auto Service Provider Solution:

For a professional solution (TPMS, diagnostics, tire & brake measurement, and reporting) to their customers – we would rather recommend the Autel ITS600 TPMS & Diagnostic Service Tool because:

  • It is easier to use, quicker, and more professional (Andriod, wifi updates, professional customer reporting)
  • It comes standard with diagnostic service functions that fitment centres need (with the ability to upgrade to full-system diagnostics)
  • Ability to add on the Autel TBE200 Tyre and disc wear laser measurement tool
    • Provide accurate reports to your customers on the state of their tyre thread and brakes
    • Have internally standardized recommendations for customers on when to suggest replacement

Our suggested TPMS sensor replacement as a service = R1250 per sensor replacement

  • Remove tyre, replace the sensor, balance tyre, and program sensor
  • We suggest that most consumers get this professionally done