If you would like to join our Whatsapp Support Group

  • This whatsapp group is for support issues and general diagnostic related questions.  
  • Please help others if you can, the aim is to create a healthy community of automotive professionals.

In order to qualify for this group, you will need one of the following machines:

  • * Autel DS808
  • * Autel MS905
  • * Autel MS906BT
  • * Autel MS908P
  • * Autel Maxisys Elite
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If you have any of the following issues (Car Software issues):

  • Cannot access a car or a specific ECU or function
  • Submit a support ticket below
Submit a Support Ticket

If you have any of the following issues (General Support Issues):

  • Software / tablet / application shutting off randomly
  • Cannot open the application
  • No communication between the tablet and the VCI
  • Etc
  • Please see the support resources below: (There will be some articles posted)